How to Give My Car for Rent?

May 16, 2018

Give your car for Rent – If you own a vehicle and want to earn by giving it on rent, you can do with least formalities. Just a simple registration process with little bit marketing is sufficient. To give your car hire in Ahmedabad you need to get the tourist passing registration from RTO. Then you should publicize for your car rental business through TV or local newspapers or print and distribute the pamphlets wherever it’s possible.

The application for the permit is to be made with RTO, Gujarat in the form PTRVA. You need to pay nominal fees of Rs. 350/-. Also, affix court fee stamp of Rs. 10/- on the application. Authorization fee amounts to Rs. 500/-. While the authorization is valid only for one year, the registration remains valid for 5 years.

While giving your car on rent generally you should keep in mind somethings to fix your rent charges. As fuel charges or payment which you require to gives the driver of the car. For that, you better fix the rent on per kilometre basis. In starting you must attract the tourists or customers to take your company’s car on rent.

Renting Out Cars through Companies

There are many travel agencies that also offer services of rental car services. You may also enter into a contract with any professional car hire services and rent your vehicle. The company or the travel agency will earn certain commission on the rental charges. Hence you need to discuss the rental charges and the commission they will be adding. Also, discuss their terms and conditions before signing any contract. If you want to rent out your vehicle to companies like Uber and Ola cab, you can hire a driver and register your vehicle with these IT companies.

Nowadays, many professional car hire companies are accepting private vehicles with required tourist vehicle permit registrations. Keep all your documents up to the date and provide all necessary details of the vehicle to the company. You might also hire a driver of your own or allow the companies to provide the drivers. All these ways are the best options to earn from the profitable business rent-a-car.

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