5 Hill Stations in Gujarat and Surrounding Areas

5 Hill Stations in Gujarat and Surrounding Areas
February 20, 2024

Gujarat is popularly known as the Jewel of the West owing to its magnificent culture and mouth-watering cuisines. Although India is a diverse country with hundreds of cultures being followed in every nook and corner, Gujarat holds a special place in every Indian citizen’s heart. Gujarat has everything to offer, from beaches, wildlife, forests, mountains, and hill stations. But the most popular are the hill stations in and around Gujarat. Let us explore the same in this blog.

5 Hill Stations in Gujarat

Jawhar Hills

Jawhar Hills is a popular hill station located near the stunning city of Surat. This location purely signifies relaxation. The area is known for its wall paintings, and it is best experienced when you trek right from the bottom to the top of the hill, observing the paintings throughout the journey.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu, also known as the Ocean of the Desert, is a hill station located near Ahmedabad. It is a peaceful escape from the bustling city of Ahmedabad and the burning temperature of Rajasthan.

Lonavala Hills

Lonavala is a famous hill station located near Pune in the surrounding area of Gujarat. Lonavala means a series of caves. It is quite popular for green landscapes. The popular food item here is Chikki. You can also visit Khandala, which is another hill station located near Lonavala.

Saputara Hills

Saputara Hills is another popular hill station located in Ahmedabad. It is located on top of a plateau. The area is known for its greenery. This is because it is often said that as long as your vision goes, you can witness greenery in Saputara. It is a must-visit tourist spot and is heavily promoted by the Gujarat Tourism Department.

Don Hill Station

Don Hill station is located near Vadodara. It is an underrated hill station, and the mountain is just decorated with trees and is perfect for tourists looking to relax peacefully.

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All these mentioned hill stations are suitable for people of any age. People from any age group will find something or other to enjoy and experience. Trips to these locations will rejuvenate your mind and revitalise your life. If you are looking for car rental services for your trip to Ahmedabad, then look no further than clear cabs. They will help you swiftly carry out your dream Gujrat trip.  Contact them to learn more about their comprehensive services.

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